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Horseshoe lake producing nice size fish.

So far this fishing and bowfishing season Horseshoe lake has produced a few monster fish. The Illinois state record common carp 30lbs for bowfishing was taken out of Horseshoe earlier this year. Also a new state record 64lb Big Head carp was taken from the lake by accident. A man angling for Bass had a Big Head suck in his lure while feeding and snagged it. Also personaly I have seen some very nice size fish swiming around out there. I have taken several 15lb+ carp and buffalo.

Another Midwest Outdoorsman float trip planned.

The next planned float trip will be scheduled for July 18-20. Money will be due when you arive. It will be held at the usual place, Garrisons campground in Steelville, Mo. For details contact Kyle - scribe917k@midwest-outdoorsman.net

For a link to Garrisons web site click here.

Working on fixing the links and adding content.

Currently we are working on fixing the links on the site and adding much more content. The goal we have for right now is to try and get the site up to par in our game information sections, add many more links and make it easier for you the midwest outdoorsman to navigate the outdoors from your computer.

Please enjoy MidwestOutdoorsman website, visit often, and most importantly take someone into the outdoors. Here in the good old USA, we have a proud heritage of hunting, fishing, and conservation of the incredible natural resources we have. If you like our site (or if have comments about something), please do not hesitate to drop us an e mail, or post info in the forums. Also, please support the people, who support us with all the goods, and services that let all of us have a more enjoyable outdoor experience. Take care, and we will see you in the Midwest Outdoors. If you find anything wrong with the site please let us know at scribe917k@midwest-outdoorsman.net


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